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Restaurant Guide

What would be a vacation without a great culinary experience! Escaping fast food gobbled up during meeting breaks, leaving behind the homey kitchen with long grocery shopping lists and piles of dishes waiting to be washed… There is no better time to enjoy a delicious meal in a great atmosphere than while on holidays. 

And Langkawi has a lot to offer! From a stylish restaurant in a contemporary design with the sound of waves breaking against rocks, through a traditional Malay kampung house hidden in the lush rainforest to a laid-back beach café with Thai triangle pillows luring you to lounge as you sip a cocktail and watch colorful hot air balloons floating above the Andaman Sea.

The cuisine is as diverse as the ambiance. Light and hearty, spicy and mild… Thousands of flavors to ignite your taste buds!

Whether you would like to sample traditional Malay, Chinese, Indian or Thai dishes, indulge in Asian fusion creations or Japanese delicacies, enjoy a western meal, or savor freshly caught seafood - the choices are endless.  We hope that with our guide, you find exactly what you are looking for. 



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