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Restaurants Pantai Tengah




+604 955 4118

Opening Hours: 6pm - 11pm

To truly describe the culinary experience at the award-winning Japanese Restaurant, Unkaizan, one would need to invent a whole new vocabulary of superlatives! The premises on the first floor are decorated in a Zen-style with traditional Japanese seating and offer breathtaking views of the surrounding jungle, and the Andaman Sea on the horizon. The terrace is split into two levels. Shielded by lush tropical bushes, each section provides an intimate dining experience. The owner and Chef, Katsuji Takebayashi, fell in love with the Japanese culinary art as a young boy of 15 years! Passionate about the traditional Japanese cooking style that celebrates simplicity,

Katsuji loves being hands-on, preparing his delicacies personally. The extensive menu encompasses a wide variety of traditional Japanese dishes including sushi and sashimi. Those who love seafood can hand-pick live fish, prawns, and lobster from the restaurant’s aquarium, and choose among the many possible cooking styles their favorite: Shioyaki (grilled with salt), Teriyaki (grilled with sweet sauce), Teppanyaki (grilled on a hot plate), or deep-fried. Very popular is the Japanese BBQ with a charcoal grill placed directly on your table, so that you can grill the deliciously marinated fish and meat yourself, enjoying not only the unique charcoal flavor but also the fun of preparation. Whether you choose the signature rice cake or the home-made ice cream with chocolate, green tea or the exotic wasabi flavor, the desserts are out-of-this-world! To make your culinary experience complete, Unkaizan carries an exquisite assortment of wine, and an extensive selection of sake that is served traditionally in a masu, imparting a subtle bamboo flavor. The owner’s love for the traditional Japanese cooking style is contagious! The inspired waiting staff is not only very friendly but also eager to share with you the secrets of the Japanese delicacies, and the artful way of their preparation.




+6 (0) 4  955 6610

Opening Hours: - 11.00pm

With a menu disguised as an enchanting hardcover book with a fairy-tale picture from ancient India, Sagar makes a tacit promise to take you on a sophisticated culinary journey with an authentic flavor of Northern Indian Cuisine.

And if you book a table at this fantastic restaurant, that is exactly the experience you will enjoy! Surrounded by a beautifully landscaped tropical garden, with dark wooden furniture illuminated by palm-leaf lamps, dishes served in ornamental copper-tableware and traditional Indian music gently playing in the background, the illusion of dining in India is perfect! The service is very attentive. But the real highlight is the food itself!

Prepared true to the original cooking style of the Maharajah Era, incorporating a modern twist, the menu is bursting full of delicacies: Begin with a tandoori chicken fresh from a clay oven, accompanied by a mint sauce or try some of the tongue-tickling specialties from the streets of India. If looking for delicious vegetarian options choose from the wide variety of lentil-curries or enjoy a paneer cottage cheese with Indian spices and capsicum. Those who like poultry will love BBQ Reshimi Kebab marinated in mild herbs or the Murg Maharaja - a boneless chicken cooked with eggs in a tomato and onion based gravy. As a side, select one of the many available basmati rice options. Or go with Naan - the Kashmiri recipe with cottage cheese and dry fruits is to die for! Complete your dining experience with Pista Kulfi, an Indian style home-made ice cream, or enjoy a Lassi - a traditional yogurt drink flavored accordingly to your preference with mango, banana, or a choice of herbs or spices. With all dishes equally tempting, your best bet is to sample a variety of the Indian delicacies, sharing with your company. Then again … coming back is an equally smart strategy!




+6 04 9552100


Opening Hours: 11am - 11.30pm

Homage to the culinary tradition of the owner’s home country, the Istanbul Restaurant is famous for serving genuine Turkish cuisine. The Pide bread and yogurt are home-made, and  spices imported all the way from Turkey to guarantee authentic flavor. The menu is extensive, featuring traditional dishes from various regions of Turkey. Begin with Humus or stuffed grape-leaf Dolma. If you like it traditional, choose as main dish  Shish Kebab, or Döner Kebab  - the thinly sliced meat roasted on a vertical spit. But available are also special dishes such as the signature


Anatolia Kebab made of chicken and beef, and seafood  marinated in Mediterranean  spices. When it comes to choosing sweets to accompany the strong Turkish Coffee,

you are likely to face dilemma. The Baklava is as delicious as her reputation. But to pass on the house specialty?  Made of cheese, shredded phyllo dough, syrup and cream, Kunefe is a true delicacy! Smokers may want to complete their culinary experience with the traditional Shisha ritual, enjoying the cool fragrant smoke of apple tobacco. The place is cozy, and - reflecting the owner’s sense of humor- interestingly decorated:  historical photographs from the Ottoman era, vintage donkey bags,  and ‘Nazar’ - an amulet believed to protect against the evil eye, are displayed next to pictures of Marilyn Monroe and other Hollywood icons.




+6 012- 3625576

+6 (0) 4 - 9555736

Opening Hours 11.30 am – 11.30 pm


With tropical plants, straw-covered walls and ceiling, and antique fishing and cooking utensils on the walls, the Thai Seafood restaurant Sawadeekap  has a cozy and exotic atmosphere. Lovers of fish and seafood can hand-pick their red snapper, lobster or tiger prawns, and watch the entire preparation of their meal in the open kitchen.


Not only a great reassurance when it comes to hygiene standards but also a great entertainment. The seafood is fresh and delicious, the prawns are caught in the mangroves by local fishermen rather than supplied by shrimp farms - and one can taste the difference!  Among the favorites are Thai-style grilled prawns with melted cheese on top, fish steamed with lemon and

garlic, and the deep fried duck in green curry. An absolute delicacy is the traditional White Tom Yam Soup, freshly prepared by a Thai chef. Accommodating the guests’ individual preferences, all dishes can be served as mild or spicy as requested.  Although not fluent, the staff speaks English, Mandarine, Malay and Thai, making it easy to order. With a daily consumption of 30 kg tiger prawns alone, Sawadeekap is very popular. As no reservations are taken, make sure you arrive early to get a table!




+6 04  955 3011

Opening Hours: Noon until late evening


An enchanting dining venue, the Tulsi Garden carries the owner’s signature from the overall design through landscaping to the exquisite menu.


The air is filled with the sweet fragrance of the Tulsi plant, the Queen of Herbs ’celebrated for thousands of years for her healing and spiritual power. The sound of spouting fountains blends with Indian classical instrumental music. And when the sun goes down, the moon mirrors in the pond and the tables are illuminated by flickering candlelight, the place has a truly romantic atmosphere.

While celebrating the culinary tradition of North & South India, the approach is

contemporary, with spices utilized to bring out the natural flavor of the fresh ingredients rather than overpowering the taste buds with piquancy. Based on secret formulas, the spices are freshly ground and blended in-house, providing each dish with an exotic flavor. Cooked-to-order, you can enjoy your favorite meal as mild or as spicy as you like.



+604 955 8300

OpeningHours: daily 12pm - 12am

The Sun Cafe has a contemporary look, airy atmosphere and character! Along an entire wall, there are sophisticated black & white photographs portraying people of Langkawi  across all ages and ethnical backgrounds. Although not a gallery - do take the time and have a close look! For colourful tropical accents, the bar is decorated with green bamboo and red heliconias. A smart selection of background music makes the relaxing atmosphere complete. Alone the beautifully presented fresh tropical juices, mocktails and cocktails are worth to stop by. Those looking for a snack will find yummy sandwiches, salads and pizzas. But the menu includes also true culinary highlights such as the grilled Barracuda off local shores marinated with honey and lemon, and

served over a bed of spinach with a delicious potato gratin on side. Attentive friendly service, and the availability of parking space even on a busy evening are a great bonus. Definitely a place to recommend!



+6 04 955 9688

Opening Hours: noon - 11pm


Strategically located next to Aseania Resort, the Casablanca Seafood Restaurant is in a walking distance - whether you are staying in Pantai Cenang or Pantai Tengah. A family business, the restaurant has a warmhearted atmosphere, making sure you have a wonderful experience whether you spend the entire evening - ordering with a group of friends a wide selection of dishes, or stop by solo for a quick inexpensive noodle dish.

The ambiance is kept simple, with red Chinese lanterns framing the entrance, and two large elephant statues reminding of the owner’s favorite movie the ‘The elephant, my friend’.


Passionate about cooking, the Chinese owner, Low, loves to create new signature

dishes – so it’s worth it to enquire about specialties not mentioned on the menu.  Among regular favorites are deep fried tiger prawns, clay-pot live meat crab with ginger, vermicelli noodles and Chinese herbs, Jindu chicken with soy sauce and sesame seeds or stir-fried vegetable with oyster sauce or garlic. Even if you don’t have a sweet tooth, you have to try the deep fried ice cream! Vanilla, chocolate- chip or strawberry flavored - the dessert is a true revelation.



+6  012 482 8140


Opening Hours:

Thursday - Tuesday

8am - 1pm   Breakfast

4pm -11pm  Snacks & Dinner


Open for 16 years and bursting at the seams with returning guests, the Cactus Restaurant is famous for its laid-back, super friendly atmosphere!


Visiting for the first time? Let’s bet it won’t take five minutes for you to feel like a regular - itching to add your signature on the house bar or to pin onto the wall a T-shirt with your favorite soccer club logo just as the many other guests before you.

Surrounded by mementos left behind by happy diners, listening to a spontaneous jam-session or in an animated conversation

with the charismatic owner, Lip, you are unlikely to leave your table before the closing time - just to return the next day for a leisurely brunch.




+60 4-952 3641                    

Opening Hours: 3pm - midnight


Conveniently at Villa Molek, the Red Sky lures with a contemporary ambiance and abstract wall patterns in a vibrant red hue.


Constantly evolving, Red Sky recently launched a new culinary menu. So if you didn’t stop by for a while - now is the time!

If you come over for a quick lunch, order a crispy pizza with your favorite toppings or enjoy pasta with beef bacon, creamy mushroom sauce or tossed with smoked salmon and garlic.

Planning a leisurely evening out? Begin your dining experience with a creamy mushroom soup served with a garlic bread, order a prawn cocktail with a tangy sauce

or enjoy fresh buffalo mozzarella with tomatoes and basil.


When it comes to main course, savor a roasted duck in orange-plum sauce, order a rib eye or a sirloin steak or indulge in a mixed grilled platter with lamb chop, beef, chicken and jumbo sausage accompanied by pepper, mushroom or brandy mustard sauce. A seafood lover? There is no better way to enjoy fresh local catch than ordering a mixed platter with grilled fish fillet, prawns, mussels and squid in garlic butter.


The perfect finale? You can impossibly leave without savoring Red Sky’s cocktails! Whether you enjoy the famous Mojito, order a Geisha or a Latin Lover or go for the Triple Orgasm, the exquisite drinks are sure to be the highlight of your evening.

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