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Restaurants Kuah




+6 4 960 6666

Opening Hours: noon - 11pm


Raised on stilts above the shimmering blue of the Andaman Sea and conceptualized by the renowned architect Bill Bensley as a vintage beach house, Kayuputi exudes an atmosphere of relaxed glamour while taking one’s breath away with panoramic ocean views.


Opening with a ritual creak, the antique entrance door from the grand Dutch embassy in Yangon reveals a spacious, airy interior. The sunlight entering trough French windows gently bounces off the white-washed wood paneling, creating such a unique atmosphere, the ‘white wood’ which translates as ‘kayu puti’ inspired the name of this exquisite dining venue.

The eclectic interior design surprises with theatrical feather-crowned chairs that dominate a private ‘peacock lounge’, designed in striking contrast to the classical ambiance of the main dining area and the beachy feel of the sundeck.  And yet, like a golden threat, the omnipresent ocean theme unites the distinct spaces in a harmonious whole with antique amphorae overgrown by coral, chandeliers made of translucent Capiz Seashells and ceilings draped in a delicate fabric with hand-printed scallops.




+6 (0) 4 966 7988

Opening Hours:  1pm - 10pm


Kuah’s best kept secret, the Fish Farm Restaurant is a true gem of a dining location! Only a few minutes drive from the busy town center, you will find yourself in a peaceful bay with a stunning view of the Andaman Sea.


As if promising to take you on a fairytale journey, at the entrance are two historical carriages. And once you step over the imaginary threshold, you will indeed feel as though you entered another world.

There are four distinguished sections - each of them with a different atmosphere: The main dining area is decorated with castle-like bird cages, pirate ship replicas and old fisherman lamps.

Those looking for an intimate experience will enjoy the traditional bersila seating with comfortable cushions placed around a low table. To savor a drink, retreat in the Fern Grove with antique swings gently rocking underneath the canopy of prehistoric foliage, and tree stamps offering seats around ancient mill-stones tables.



+6 (0)12- 4946555

Opening Hours: 6pm - 11.30pm


Established 22 years ago and packed every evening since, the Wonderland Food Stall is Langkawi’s culinary legend!


Although the owners could easily lay back, Soon and Atun, who have been best friends since school times, love to be hands-on: chopping veggies, preparing their famous seafood delicacies, and watching the hungry crowd cheerfully chat as they share their yummy seafood fried rice, ginger and spring onion chicken with baby kalian, or  Nyonya style fried sea bass. Celebrating the variety of Malaysian cuisine, the menu includes mouthwatering Chinese, Malay, and Indian dishes. However, the main reason to stop by is the delicious seafood! Supplied daily by local fishermen, and served freshly prepared just a few minutes after you place your order, the flower crab with chili, Sambal

squids, prawns in tamarind, or Kam Heong clams are beyond delicious. The absolute highlight is the Lobster prepared following the Wonderland’s secret recipe. Beautifully presented, with a pickled carrot ‘net’, and flowers artfully carved out of cucumbers, the signature dish will entice equally your eye and your palate. More than affordable prices, and super friendly staff happy to make recommendations complete the great experience. Visiting Langkawi? There is no way you can miss this famous spot!





+604 966 4078

Opening Hours: 7am -11.00pm


Located between the Jetty Point and The Westin Langkawi, the famed and recently re-opened ‘Charlie’s Bar & Grill’ is without a doubt THE dining venue with the most spectacular view in the whole of Kuah! With a layout that stretches along the coastline, there are only two rows of tables. So regardless of where you choose to take a seat, you are sure to enjoy great vistas of the marina!

Although part of the prestigious ‘Royal Langkawi Yacht Club’, Charlie’s has a casual, relaxed atmosphere - welcoming club members and outside guests alike. Keeping with the nautical theme, the walls are decorated with fishing nets, antique oars and tillers and atmospheric photographs of

yachts with white sails glittering against the infinite blue of the sea.


Sure to quickly become a preferred breakfast venue for yachties, resident expats and locals alike, Charlie’s serves a hearty ‘American Breakfast’ with hash browns, grilled tomatoes, baked beans, eggs, chicken sausages and even your favorite bacon! If you like to start your day on a healthy note, you can alternatively order a bowl of cereals or a tropical platter with juicy pineapple, watermelon, orange, honeydew and papaya. Whether you are a fan of freshly brewed coffee, cappuccino or caffe latte or prefer in the mornings a cup of English tea - your favorite is available.



+6 (0)4 - 9661214

Opening Hours: 11am -15pm & 6.30pm -10pm


Established 15 years ago by a Malay-Thai couple, this famous restaurant celebrates the traditional culinary Thai experience. The interior features roofed booths resembling Thai houses, walls are covered in dark, richly carved teak wood, and the exotic feel is completed by playful water features

and fragrant flower garlands.

The first ferry in the morning brings on daily basis fresh herbs, spices and rare vegetables from Thailand, and all dishes are prepared based on recipes passed in the family from generation to generation. Regardless of what you order, the flavor is beyond delicious, and the presentation simply beautiful! The traditional Nasi Goreng Nenas is served in a pineapple, the famous

Tom Yam soup comes in a coconut shell decorated with an orchid blossom, and fish dishes are adorned with intricate fruit-carvings. Families and groups of friends will be delighted by the size of the tables, the ‘Lazy Suzan’ - a rotating platform that makes it convenient to sample and share various dishes, or the ‘Steam Boat’, a fondue-like pot that keeps the food simmering directly on the table. While no alcohol is served, each guest receives complimentary water infused with pandan leaves, and the exotic juices and thick shakes made of dragon fruit, mango or cucumber are an absolute must! Whether you choose the traditional desert from sticky rice or a pandan leaf jelly sprinkled with coconut, the desserts are exquisite, and best enjoyed with a digestive tea served in traditional blue-and-white ceramics. The majority of the friendly, attentive waiting staff is Thai.


To spare you the shouting typical for a large-size Asian restaurants, the staff utilizes walkie-talkies, making the dining experience very relaxing. Relying on great word-of-mouth rather than paying commission to tourist guides and taxi drivers, the restaurant is able to keep their prices very reasonable, attracting not only tourists but also local families. Whatever day you pick, the restaurant is bursting full. Should you need additional proof of the excellent dining experience, have a look at the wall displaying various tourism awards, and photographs of the King of Kedah, and the former Malaysian Prime Minister, Tun Dr. Mahathir, who are both returning guests.




+6 012 - 5140049

Opening Hours: noon - 10pm

Sunday closed


Hidden in a tiny side street close to the bridge that leads from Kuah’s banking district to ‘My Hotel Langkawi’, the Korean Restaurant Haroo is a culinary gem just waiting to be discovered! Never heard of it? The regular guests who rarely skip a week without booking a table did make the impression they would rather keep ‘their’ small Korean restaurant a secret…J


Murals depicting scenes of the traditional Korean way of life set the tone for an experience that celebrates both - the authentic flavors of time-honored Korean dishes as well as the distinct Korean dining culture.

For a truly authentic experience, enjoy your meal in an alcove with a ‘jwa-sik’ floor seating or book a table with an integrated Korean BBQ grill and order a grilled platter with beef, chicken or seafood. Then watch a charming waiter grill the wonderfully marinated ribeye, prawns or mussels directly in front of you, dipping individual pieces in a bean paste and wrapping them in lettuce into ready-to-eat bite-sized delicacies. Accompanied by kimchy, spicy radish and a variety of traditional Korean condiments - a revelation for your taste buds! Just in case you wonder… Yes! The bespoke individual service comes at no charge. Quite unbelievable! 



+6 04 960 8888

Opening Hours: 7am -10.30pm

When on vacation, there is no better way to begin your day than with a leisurely breakfast! And while you may assume that the lavish breakfast buffet at The Westin Langkawi Resort & Spa is reserved for in-house guests, you are welcome to indulge even if staying elsewhere!

Recently refurbished, Seasonal Tastes, Westin’s signature dining venue, lures with a panoramic view of the Andaman Sea, contemporary ambiance and state-of-the-art amenities. Although designed to accommodate up to 200 guests, the restaurant is split on two levels and you can select a table in a crystal cove to enjoy a quiet family breakfast or an intimate brunch with your loved one. Open for breakfast until

11.30am, with the buffet divided in themed isles, there are no crowds or queues to worry about!


Tailored to satisfy the diverse preferences of international clientele, the buffet impresses with more than 150 Western, Chinese and Middle East halal specialties! Health-conscious guests will be delighted by the large selection of freshly squeezed juices and smoothies, gluten-free options and ‘superfood’ dishes rich in antioxidants and phytonutrients. Courteous waiters roam the restaurant, tempting with delicious teasers so that you get to sample something new!



+604 9661102

Opening Hours: 10.30 am – 10.30pm

Looking for a place to unwind and recharge while on a shopping spree in Kuah? Conveniently located next to the main entrance of the popular shopping mall ‘Langkawi Fair’, the ‘Fair Cafe’ is the perfect spot to enjoy your lunch, have a quick snack or finish your bargain hunt with a lovely dinner.


Shielded by tropical plants, with a rustic brick wall and braided rattan lamps, the al-fresco café has a warm, inviting atmosphere. Those who like to escape the tropical heat may prefer a table in the adjacent spacious area equipped with air-conditioning. With a lot of space between the tables, you don’t have to worry where to put your shopping bags

Arabic music and a display of ornamental shishas perfectly complement the authentic flavors of Arabic dishes. But available is also Indian cuisine with many vegetarian options, and western favorites such as burgers, pizza and pasta.


Wondering what to order? Begin your meal with stuffed grape leaves or share a delicious Mazza Platter, and follow with Malay Tikka, Lamb Curry or Garlic Chili Mutton. If you prefer Indian Cuisine, make sure you don’t miss Fish Tikka from the tandoori corner, Paneer Butter Masala or Yellow Dal - best accompanied by Jeera Rice or Garlic Naan.


Is your mouth watering just reading the description? Of course, you can skip the shopping and come to the Fair Cafejust to enjoy your lunch or dinner.



+6 012 4469079

Opening Hours: 3pm -1.00am


Looking for a great place to chill? If so, head straight to Barbosa!! Located on the upper floor of the Royal Langkawi Yacht Club, the place has an amazing view and a great atmosphere.


Painted in bright cheerful orange, vibrating with the contagious rhythm of Cuban music and boasting foosball and pool tables, the entertainment bar is sure to put you in a good mood the minute you walk in!

 Craving some indulgence? Sprawl out on the large cozy sofa, order a double Jack Daniel’s on the rocks or a chilled Havana Club rum and watch the colorful fisherman boats and luxury yachts come in and out of the harbor as you slooowly draw on a hand-rolled cigar, relishing the exquisite taste of a ‘Romeo y Julieta Short Churchill’ or the

famous ‘Montecristo Tubos’. The bar carries a great selection of Cuban and Nicaraguan cigars otherwise available only in the luxury resorts so if you are a cigar lover you may want to purchase a few to take back home.




+6 012 - 5140049

Opening Hours: noon - 10 pm


Looking for a place to unwind while on a shopping spree in Kuah? Conveniently located in the shopping mall ‘Langkawi Fair’, ‘Haroo Story’ is the perfect spot to enjoy your lunch, have a quick snack in-between or to conclude your bargain hunt with a lovely dinner.


That being said, the atmosphere of the ‘Korean Culture Cafe’ and the delicious food served at ‘Haroo Story’ are worth the visit even if you have no plans to shop J

Conceptualized as a place where you get to experience not only authentic Korean cuisine but also Korean culture, ‘Haroo Story’ is designed in a Zen-like style, with the simplicity of the interior accentuated by

delicate calligraphy art painted directly on the tabletops, and crooked branches and moss-grown rocks elevated to beautiful art compositions. - The signature touch of Isabella, a gifted artist and daughter of the Korean owners.




+6 04 9610589

+6 0125196920

Opening Hours: 7am -11.00pm


Planning to dine in Kuah? Visit the new LA’PAQ AYAQ CAFÉ! Located at the famous Royal Langkawi Yacht Club, the restaurant is hidden behind ‘Charlie’s Bar & Grill’ and therefore easy to overlook. But the corner location that comes with a wonderfully peaceful atmosphere and a beautiful 270 degrees’ harbor view is hard to beat. And once you experience the great service and get to taste the excellent food, you are likely to find your way back even blindfolded!


Under the command of Chef Zudy who has been cooking for more than two decades for 5* resorts, the kitchen specializes in halal Malay cuisine and Western favorites.


If you stop by for breakfast, order the famous ‘Nasi Lemak’ with a home-made chili paste or enjoy ‘Roti Bakar’ with butter and honey or with a hardboiled egg and cheese sauce, sprinkled with black pepper and oregano. Accompanied by black coffee or the popular local Nanyang white coffee - the perfect meal to start your day!


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