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Spa Guide

Situated on a crossroads of ancient maritime trade routes, the island was exposed over centuries to a variety of healing traditions that shaped the breathtaking array of Spa offerings you can experience today: healing and beauty practices of the aboriginal rainforest tribes Orang Asli, indigenous Malay healing rituals, Ayurvedic treatments native to India, traditional Chinese medicine and famous Siamese treatments. 

Dreamlike spa settings in a dense jungle or with a breathtaking panoramic view of the Andaman Sea, genuinely caring therapists, rich massage oils and exotic body wrap blends made of freshly harvested fruits, flowers, herbs and spices from the rainforest make the Langkawi Spa Experience truly unique!

You can find tiny, hidden massage places with a heartfelt personal welcome and décor so simple that no detail distracts from the healing touch, or indulge at exquisite five-star establishments with extensive hydrotherapy facilities from Jacuzzi to sauna and steam bath, providing a truly luxurious experience that will tantalize all of your senses.

Whatever your choice, you are sure to emerge from your treatment blissful, radiant and filled with energy to explore the island.

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