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Shopping Guide

A duty-free island, Langkawi provides a great opportunity to purchase inexpensive liquor, chocolate or tobacco products., and with countless stalls luring with beach apparel, ethnic jewelry, handicrafts and souvenirs at bargain prices., an indulgent shopping spree is pretty much inevitable.

Looking for a more sophisticated shopping experience and truly unique products with a local touch? There is a handful of retail stores with exquisite, beautifully presented products selected to delight discerning customers. Whether you are looking for hand-made bags, home accessories, furniture, high-quality tea or traditional herbal remedies, our Shopping Guide features the most noteworthy stores on the island.




Tel:     +6 04-955 7730

             +6 012 - 3326606

Opening Hours:  9.00am -  6.00p; Fr closed

Looking for an original gift with a truly Langkawian flair?! Head to Pisang - one of the island’s most famous stores! Founded nearly 20 years ago, the shop specializes in hand-made gamat soaps & lotions that are so popular, they are distributed also to other parts of Malaysia and sold abroad. The miracle ingredients that makes them so unique? Sea Cucumber and Virgin Coconut Oil!



+6 04 9594885  

+6 012 4022650

Opening Times:

Saturday - Thursday, 9.30am - 5pm

1pm  - 2pm no demonstrations


Although located in a remote corner of the Langkawi Kraft Complex, which in itself is built away from the main tourism spots, Faizy Crystal receives plenty of visitors. With good reason! While the majority of retail stores on the island lure with handicraft imported from the neighboring countries, the unique glass object you will find at the Faizy Crystal showroom are truly the products of Langkawi.



+6 04 9533833

 +6 04 9533835


Set up by the owner of the famous Alun-Alun Spa, the travelers' favorite for more than 10 years now, the entrepreneur's new venture is yet another gem - sure to become one of the most popular stores among customers with discerning taste!

Well-traveled, Jenny Ong has a keen sense for trends and a perfect understanding of what will make the hearts of foreign travelers leap with joy - introducing with her Element Mall a LIFESTYLE STORE that lures with a sensory shopping experience and an exclusive collection of truly unique products!



+6 04 9554150

+6 012 475 0469


Looking for exquisite jewelry, unique pieces of art and beautiful home accessories? There is one retail store you can impossibly skip! Situated on the long shopping strip of Pantai Cenang and surrounded by all the souvenir shops that lure with uninspired, thousand times repeated import from Indonesia, CINNAMON’S GIFT stands truly out.

When opening his store some 15 years ago, the passionate owner, Bala Murali, may not have had much experience with retail, nor a clear plan how to make his business work. But he had the vision to create a place filled with things so beautiful that passersby won’t have



+6 04-9556684

+6 12 - 473 5051

Opening Hours: 10am - 7pm

When a shop flourishes for more than two decades despite a location away from the busy tourism spots, you can be sure the shopping experience is worth the trip across the island! The 10.000 square feet one-stop handicraft & art gallery lures with sophisticated presentation and an exquisite selection of antiques and handicraft personally sourced by the owners all across Asia. Intrigued? Wait until you hear the stories that surround some of the rare objects you will find in De’ Zone!

Sharing a passion for unique artifacts, aboriginal cultures and adventure, two friends, Albert Ng and Alan Lim, decided many


+6 04-9665727

Exquisite wood carvings, jewellery boxes adorned with a delicate nacre or egg-shell mosaics, bowls and vases made of lacquered bamboo… If you are looking for unique handicraft at affordable prices, visiting one of the PARADISE CRAFT outlets is a must!

Falling in love with handicraft while backpacking across Asia in their early twenties, Angeline Lee and her husband, Kelvin Goi, decided to follow their passion and open a handicraft shop when they settled down on the island more than 16 years ago. A rather daring undertaking at a time when Langkawi was a sleepy island with barely any tourism industry. But following their hearts

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