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+604 955 9287 

Opening Hours:  1pm – 10pm


Situated in a tropical garden, the spa consists of four wet rooms and eight treatment cabins. While the interior design may not be the spa’s main asset, you will certainly leave with your skin glowing, and every single muscle in your body relaxed. Offering a variety of packages, body treatments, and massages, the spa specializes in cosmetology, utilizing modern apparatus and the professional skincare line Biodermie. The therapists are well trained, and truly in tune with your individual needs!


HIGHLIGHTS:  Facials administered accordingly to your skin type, affordable Spa packages,  exceptionally attentive staff



+604 955 6482
+60-12-4227500 (English)
+60-12 4207500 (Japanese, Chinese)

Opening Hours: daily 12 am – 10pm

Unique ambiance! The walls of the four treatment rooms and the generously sized bath chambers are covered with artistic stone carvings, with waterfalls bouncing off the rocks, creating a cave-like, spiritual atmosphere. The menu features Aromatherapy and Urut Melayu massage, sensual bath rituals, and a variety of body treatments. Potent and delicious scrub and body envelopment blends incorporate exotic spices and herbs, ensuring a brilliant spa experience.


HIGHLIGHTS: ‘Nerita’  and ‘Mitra Paradise’ packages, warming herbal body scrub, deeply relaxing atmosphere



Tel:      +604 955 2828

Opening Hours: daily 1pm - 10pm

A patio with a small cabana and a stone bench underneath a bamboo tree allure to escape the tropical heat, catch a breath, and enjoy for a moment the soothing shade. Artfully blending antique Chinese furniture with contemporary art, the Yuan Spa has a Zen-like atmosphere. The four spacious treatment rooms with en suite baths are all designed to accommodate couples, and provide a seamless spa experience when enjoying multi-treatment packages. Footbath rituals along with a foot massage and manicure & pedicure services are provided in comfortable chairs facing floor-to-ceiling windows opening to a small garden. The menu features a variety of signature treatments such as slimming massage or body scrub and bath ritual incorporating red wine.



+6 013 - 426 7405

+6 012 - 532 4240

Opening Hours: 2 pm-midnight


Conveniently located, open late into the night, and welcoming walk-ins, the Safa Wangi Center is a great choice for those who look for a no-frills spa experience at affordable costs. The 4 cabins are clean and neat, and the staff friendly. A spontaneously booked facial will make you look fresh after a night of partying. And proper muscle kneading performed by preference by male therapists will get you back in shape once you return from an island hike.



HIGHLIGHTS:  Open until midnight, Classical Massage, Traditional Malay Massage                         



+6 04 955 8089

+6 012 - 7873943

 +6 012 - 4296426

Opening Hours: noon -11pm


While tempting with a rather bold promise, the VIP Spa does live up to its ambitious name - delivering a highly customized Spa experience in an environment designed in mind with the preferences of Western travelers.


Quite untypically for Langkawi, the boutique Spa has a contemporary, light and airy ambiance. The refreshing scent of Lemongrass along with beautiful displays of antique Buddha statues, Tibetan singing bowls and a ‘money plant’ that symbolizes good fortune set the tone for a truly relaxing Spa experience.

Each of the three air-conditioned treatment rooms (one designed to accommodate

    Inhabiting the seafloor around Langkawi, the marine creatures called Sea Cucumber (or in local slang 'Gamat') are believed to have great medicinal value which was discovered some three hundred years ago in a rather unusual way: Heading to the shores to bring home the day's catch, a fisherman brushed with his leg against the slimy elongated body of a Sea Cucumber. As a natural defense, the creature released a milky fluid so sticky it can compete with the most advanced underwater adhesives utilized today! Realizing that he will have to shave his leg to get rid of the gummed up hair, the fisherman took his rusty old axe, hacking in fury any sea cucumber around into pieces. The surprise came on the following day. Instead of finding a shore full of lifeless Sea Cucumber bodies, the fisherman discovered that his victims miraculously recovered over night. Superficial wounds were completely healed and while looking a little sore, those sea cucumbers that were cut right through somehow managed to re-join their detached body parts. A finding that got the fisherman thinking: If capable of healing itself, could a Sea Cucumber extract assist with wound healing?! The thriving Sea Cucumber industry of today proves him right. Producing granules of insoluble proteins that stick together, Sea Cucumber has the ability to accelerate regeneration and trigger the growth of new cells which makes it one of the most effective natural wound healing agents. Boosting additionally the production of collagen, Sea Cucumber extract has also the reputation to reduce fine lines and counter-act the development of deep wrinkles, enhancing the appearance of aging skin. While an amazing ingredient, it does make a difference how is it further processed. Which is where Pisang's skin care production comes into play. Obtaining the gamat extract from selected fishermen that adhere to sustainable practices, the manufacturing process is strictly regulated in terms of hygiene and the fresh goat milk and fine coconut powder added to create the hand-made soaps are of highest quality. Infused with pure essential oils for an added Aromatherapy benefit, you can choose a calming lavender, invigorating peppermint or a soap with the sensual scent of pink plumeria. Ideally complemented by a matching lotion or cream. Recently added to the assortment is a range of wonderful product from a virgin coconut oil with a scent so rich and divine you will not only love to pamper your skin with it but also tempted to drizzle it over an exotic tropical salad. Which is absolutely an option!! While at it, purchase also a few bars of coconut soap. You can choose between a refreshing Lemongrass aroma, a sensual Sandalwood or the invigorating Peppermint scent. But even the unscented bar of a coconut soap is so fragrant, you may happily stick to the pure version. Intrigued? Wait until you see the beautiful packaging! Wrapped in colorful fabrics, the skin care products make the perfect gift while giving away another specialty of Pisang: Wonderful batik accessories! Crafted by the local artisan Azira in the art studio on the first floor, they range from tiny coin purses, bags, scarves and pareos to beautiful large paintings that can be rolled up for a convenient travel arrangement. Whether you like a modern pattern or traditional art with heliconia, hibiscus or lotus flower motives, the selection is large and you can even have a made-to-order piece! Curious how the batik art is made? Join a workshop and experience first-hand the overall process from drawing a pattern with a canting dipped into a hot wax and subsequent coloring with the wax-lines building a natural barrier that prevents the colors from spilling, making sure you end up with the stunning piece you envisioned! Still in a shopping mood? Take your time walking around the spacious store and discover some hidden treasures such as unique jewelry made of semi-precious stones, original beats and the famous freshwater pearls from Borneo! Whatever your taste - a visit to the Pisang Handicraft & Art Village is a must when looking for lovely gifts to bring back from your holidays in Langkawi.


+604 955 6482

+60-12-4227500 (English)
+60-12 4207500 (Japanese, Chinese)

Opening Hours: noon - 10pm


One of the most popular Spas in Langkawi, Furusato recently opened its second outlet.  Located in the quiet Pantai Tengah, with a spacious parking lot just in front, even the arrival is absolutely stress-free. While the treatment menu is identical with offerings at Furusato 1, when it comes to ambiance, the owner opted for a contemporary look this time.

The spacious lounge features two comfortable foot reflexology chairs. There are three couple rooms, one of them convertible into single units. The interior is kept in the sophisticated color-scheme of black, grey and white, two of the rooms feature state-of-the-art rain shower and

ergonomically shaped bathtub. The calming sound of waterfall trickling down an illuminated wall of slate stone blends with gamelan music, and if you book a treatment in the evening, with a built-in skylight you can relish a romantic view of the starry night sky while enjoying a flower bath.


HIGHLIGHTS: Nerita Style package and aromatherapy massage with the choice of revitalizing lemon grass, harmonizing rose and calming lavender massage blend.



+6012 407 2075

Opening Hours: noon -10am

Complimentary pick-up in Pantai Cenang and Pantai Tengah


Cozy with a personal touch, the Spa features four treatment cabins. While the facilities are kept simple, when it comes to quality of treatments, you are in for a real treat. Having spent years as a therapists in 5* resorts, the Indonesian owner, Lis, makes sure that all of her therapists are well trained. To experience a truly authentic Balinese massage, request an appointment with Lis personally.



HIGHLIGHTS:  Dr. Fish therapy, traditional Balinese massage, sugar waxing and threading                   

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