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+604 955 1822

+604 955 1228


Opening Hours: daily 1pm – 10pm

Free transfer around Pantai Tengah and Pantai Cenang


Claiming on the signboard to offer ‘Best Reflexology in Langkawi’ – Teratai lives up to its promise! The therapists are highly qualified - able not only to provide a stimulating foot massage but also to communicate health concerns detected based on the sensitivity of specific pressure points. The spa offers also excellent manicures and pedicures utilizing OPI brand, waxing services, and affordable massage therapy treatments. With six foot massage chairs, two mani & pedi stations and five massage cabins, the spa welcomes ‘walk-ins’.



+6 04 959 2929

+6 012 594 7114


Opening Hours:  10am - 7pm


Situated within the Oriental Village, the Anjung Spa is the perfect place to relax after waiting in the cable car queue, trekking on the top of Gunung Machincang, and enjoying a shopping spree in the many souvenir and retail stores. With floor-to-ceiling windows, the Spa is flooded with natural light that highlights the airy ambiance and contemporary design.

Mindful of the activities-filled itinerary of visitors to Oriental Village, the Spa menu focuses on shorter treatments, with reflexology or head, shoulder and back massage starting from 30 minutes. If you have a little more time, you can opt for 60 or 90 minutes signature ‘Anjung Sakti’ massage

that blends traditional Malay and Hawaiian techniques with gentle stretching elements. The main attraction is the Dr. Fish Therapy. With soothing ocean sounds playing in the background, the two spacious pools are each home to 2000! Garra Rufa fish - species with suction-shaped mouths that will gently nibble away keratinized skin cells from your feet, effectively removing calluses while providing a wonderful micro-massage. With 50% discount for children, it is a fun experience for the entire family! The retail area features an extensive collection of ‘Mountain Scents’ products. Beautifully packaged, the skin and body care products, sea cucumber soaps, variety of teas and aromatherapy candles are all made from natural ingredients, and make a great present for your loved-ones at home.


LGK ASHI Spa & Massage

+604 955 3113

Opening Hours: daily 11am -10pm

A cozy spa featuring 3 cheerfully decorated couples rooms, foot reflexology lounge that can accommodate groups up to eight guests, private reflexology room, whirlpool, cold plunge, and a cave-like chamber with a bubble foot bath pond. While specialized in reflexology, the spa offers also a variety of body treatments, massages, mani & pedi services, cupping, ear candling and facials utilizing innovative beauty apparatus promoting cell-renewal.

Run by a Korean family, many of the treatments incorporate unique herbal  mixtures from their home country, and the exotic Noni fruit with powerful antioxidant properties. The father, considered by many of his neighbors a family doctor, is known for his gift to

accurately diagnose and cure with acupuncture and other alternative treatments a variety of conditions. A firm believer of eastern healing philosophy, Mr. Lee is less concerned with specific symptoms and focuses instead on finding the underlying cause of any discomfort or disease. As he restores in the course of multiple sessions the equilibrium in your body, you are likely to walk away not only free of your original health concern but feeling a general boost in vitality.


HIGHLIGHTS:  Excellent reflexology with a complimentary Jacuzzi foot bath, ‘Royal Ashi Langkawi’ package, cupping & acupuncture (to successfully treat serious conditions, plan ahead and book treatment series for the duration of your holiday stay)



+604 959 1357

Opening Hours:  11am - 8pm


Celebrating traditional Malay healing and beauty rituals, the Ayer Hangat Spa Village lures with a reflexology path, herbal garden and hot saline springs treasured by locals as natural remedy for skin und digestion ailments.


The Spa within the complex features a cozy reception and three traditionally furnished treatment rooms - one of them designed to accommodate couples. Floor to ceiling one way windows provide privacy while allowing guests to enjoy during the treatment the view of water cascading along hand-carved river-stone murals that depict the mythical origins of the springs.

The menu features a variety of traditional beauty and relaxation treatments from body scrub through aromatherapy

massage to facial and nail services. But you can also experience indigenous healing when booking a treatment with Siti Rohaya. Known across the island for her powerful touch and deep knowledge of medicinal plants, the midwife & traditional healer, whose gift to cure runs in the family, has a track record of successfully treating a wide variety of conditions, helping reproductively challenged women to conceive and assisting during difficult pregnancies and the postnatal period. One of the highlights is Bertunku, an ancient Malay treatment with a hot piece of iron wrapped in freshly harvested medicinal plants that releases trapped winds within the body for an overall sense of rejuvenation.



+604 9660089

OpeningHours: daily 11am - 11pm

Catering to both - health & beauty needs of guests, the Bellis Spa is based on a unique concept: The ground floor designed in a contemporary style accommodates an organic health food store, with the product assortment encompassing broad choice of supplements, a wide variety of herbal and flower teas, organic honey and cereals, pasta high in fiber, and even natural cleaning products. Walking up the narrow staircase, you will discover an intimate urban sanctuary: dim light, soothing music, lovingly assembled accessories… The spa menu features a variety of signature treatments such as ‘Jasmine rice scrub’, ‘Full body aroma rose mask, or Scalp & facial pressure point massage that aims to reduce tension. An absolute must? Belli’s 

Facial Treatments! Utilizing professional skincare lines from Korea and USA, the highly skilled therapists will attend to every single clogged pore, and stimulate the cell-renewal with an extensive facial massage. If you want to see results - you found the right place!


HIGHLIGHTS:  Excellent facial treatments!!! Signature Package 'White Roses' that encompasses sea salt foot bath, fully body aroma scrub, full body Malay traditional massage, detox foot massage, flower tea.



+6 04 952 0000


Regarded in many Asian cultures a sacred tree that promotes the equilibrium of body mind and spirit, Frangipani not only inspired the name of the Spa but is also reflected in its philosophy. Apart from offering a variety of relaxation and beauty services, the environmentally friendly Frangipani Spa with three indoor treatment rooms and two outdoor cabanas is the first Spa worldwide that features three innovative Anti-Oxidant Therapy Chambers!

Utilizing a ground-breaking technology developed in Japan, the unique climate-controlled environment is saturated with more than two million negative ions that effectively fight free radicals responsible for cell damage that leads to premature aging and variety of diseases. With a pleasant

temperature of 41- 43 °C, listening to relaxing music, with your head on a soft pillow, you are likely to fall asleep during the 60 min session. Proven to slow-down aging, reduce cholesterol levels, alleviate the symptoms of rheumatism, decrease sugar levels when suffering from diabetes, and provide pain relief for cancer patients, daily sessions are recommended.



+6 017 494 5087

Opening Hours: 10 am - 2am


Situated in the middle of Pantai Cenang, on the first floor just next to 7-Eleven, the Salt Spa brings to Langkawi an entirely new holistic concept that goes far beyond the pampering experience offered by other local Spas.


Designed to accommodate up to six people, the therapy room features walls with palm-sized charcoal rosettes that have cracks filled with highly concentrated salt crystals.

Amplified by far-infrared radiation, the salt therapy slightly raises the core temperature of your body which stimulates blood circulation and metabolism and effectively triggers detoxification. Regular exposure is proven to boost immunity. Patients suffering from a variety of health conditions report a positive experience with regard to pain relief.

To maximize the health benefits, guests are encouraged to complement the salt therapy with foot reflexology treatment or a therapeutic Malay massage with a virgin coconut oil. A treated water with high alkaline levels that is said to prevent the growth of cancerous cells is served on a complimentary basis. A variety of natural health supplements will be available soon.



+604 9555 717

Opening Hours: noon - 10pm


Located on the first floor of the Cenang Mall, Amara Wellness Centre boasts a lounge area with five chairs designated for foot reflexology, pedicure and manicure services., and four treatment rooms, one of which has on suite bath for hydrotherapy treatments.


Soothing wellness music, copper footbath bowl with engraved Chinese symbols, and a delicious welcome drink made of ginger, honey and sugarcane create an ambiance with an oriental touch.

Embracing the philosophy of Wellness, Amara’s objective is to gradually introduce a variety of holistic treatments that go beyond pampering. Currently focusing on traditional Spa services, the Wellness Centre provides body treatments, massage therapy, facials and mani-pedi services. True to the Greek


name ‘Amara’ that translates as unfading or eternal, one of the most popular treatments is the natural Anti-Aging facial. Male visitors appreciate services customized to meet the specific needs of masculine skin. Treatments are carried out by local therapists, incorporating traditional Malay Tanamera products as well as Goe Skincare and Therapeutique Spa Essentials - high quality cosmeceuticals manufactured by Maxwell Pharmacy.


Aiming to build a long-term relationship with their guests, Amara Wellness Center offers to Langkawi Residents annual membership that entitles repeat guests to preferential rates. Customers who spend over 500 RM in a month are treated to a free package of four hours!


HIGHLIGHTS: Mantera Nusantara Massage, Anti Aging facial, Just for Men facial



 +6 04 955 5550

Opening Hours: 11am – 7pm, Tuesday closed


Holistic Healthcare Center uniting under one roof several certified practitioners specialized in a variety of alternative healing modalities from acupuncture, through Chinese herbal medicine, to homeopathic remedies and ayurvedic treatments. A suitable therapy is recommended based on a thorough diagnosis consisting of pulse reading and the analysis of the iris. The interior follows Feng Shui principles, creating a harmonious ambiance, with each treatment room dedicated to one of the powerful elements guiding the Chinese medicine: earth, fire, water, wood & air/metal. The team speaks English, German & Malay. Langkawi residents enjoy 20% discount.

HIGHLIGHTS:  Natural Facelift employing acupuncture, Chiropody, Shiatsu Massage



+6 019 339 1831

Opening Hours:  8am - 8pm


No ‘walk-in’ appointments! Due to the location in a rainforest, taxi service available only with specifically instructed drivers. With personal transportation, pick-up at a particular meeting point.


Authentic Malay home spa hidden in a rainforest valley. Shielded in a half-circle by foliage-covered mountains, the place housing Rumah Holistic has a very special energy.  Equally unique is the concept: A personal one-on-one encounter with Eric who is known on the island for his giving heart and healing hands, and ready to listen to your worries over a cup of herbal tea prior to performing one of the many available treatments.

HIGHLIGHTS:  Malay Manja Ritual, Energy Healing, half and full day holistic packages including outdoor-tent spa experience by waterfalls, or on one of the many islands of the Langkawi Archipelago.



+604 966 6268

Opening Hours:  12.30pm - 9.30pm

Conveniently located in the Bank District of Kuah, the Bedrock Island Spa features a foot reflexology lounge, treatment room dedicated to facial treatments, couples room, and one treatment room designed to accommodate groups up to three guests, with heavy curtains assuring privacy for single treatments. The Spa offers a variety of affordable massages, facials and packages, with their specialty being the Slimming Treatment: Combining body scrub and deep tissue massage with ginger powder and cactus essence formulated to break down fat cells, and flush out toxins, the treatment is completed with a session in a horizontal infra-red sauna that alleviates water retention. For best results, book series of 10 treatments and enjoy 2 complimentary visits.

HIGHLIGHTS:  Reflexology, Lemongrass Package, Sliming Treatment, Thai-style herbal steam bath & Infrared vertical sauna



Tel:      +604 959 3959

Opening Hours: 1pm - 10pm

Based on the Taoist philosophy that views illness as the result of any energy imbalance, the Amaya Spa is devoted to restoring the original equilibrium, and to stimulating the self-healing forces within our bodies. The design of the Spa follows Feng-Shui principles, and the background music utilizes Alchemy Sound Therapy known for attuning the brain-waves to a healthy vibration. Strategically placed charcoal crystals and a special paint on the walls absorb any negativity, while all therapists practice on a daily basis Qi-Gong to raise their energy levels. Although single treatments from massage therapy, to foot reflexology and ear candling are available, especially popular are holistic packages that include a variety of complimentary

add-ons such as herbal packs, eye pillow treatment, Garra Rufa Fish Therapy, and seasonal fruit platter.

HIGHLIGHTS:  Balancing Therapy Package, complimentary Dr. Fish experience, private Qi-Gong sessions on the beach

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