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Restaurants Pantai Cenang



+6 (0)4 - 9554055

Opening Hours: 9 am - 10.30pm


Founded some 15 years ago, Red Tomato is the perfect place to start a day with a hearty breakfast, and one of the favorite lunch and dinner locations among expats and returning tourists. Run by a Malay-German couple, the Red Tomato carries a signature of both: the husband Oli is an artist, and responsible for the eccentric, funky and colorful blend of full-size mirrors in zebra-frames, crystal-chandelier, red! piano with signatures of visiting artists, paintings of jungle animals, and  tomatoes hold captive in bird cages above the bar. The enticing menu was put together by Oli’s wife, Tanja, who included all of her personal favorites. And looking at the fully booked tables - she has a great taste! The Eggs Benedict and Farmer’s Choice Breakfast are

legendary. The tomato soup is rich and aromatic, just the way it should be considering the restaurant’s name. Red Tomato offers probably the widest selection of salads on the entire island: Whether you choose Nicoise, Greek, Ceasar, Capresse Avocado-Rocket or Mediterranean Salad or decide to order the popular Wellness creation with garden greens, tomato, cucumber, mango, avocado, cranberries and smoked pepper tuna, you are sure to fall in love with the light summer meals accompanied by home-baked bread! When it comes to pasta, regulars swear by the Mexicana with red capsicum, onion, jalapeno chilli in tequila tomato sauce, topped with avocado and feta cheese. To make sure that you enjoy every bite of your pizza, you are encouraged to pick your favorite toppings. Should you suffer from allergies, you will be delighted to learn that you can order pizza, pasta and bread also gluten-free. Red Tomato carries a great selection of wine from Italy, Australia and New Zealand, and is famous for its fruity milkshakes. Whether you come over for a proper meal, a light snack, or just to hang out with your friends, enjoying a drink, you will love the relaxed atmosphere with super friendly service and jazz music leisurely playing in the background.



+604 9554128            

Opening Hours:

11am - 3pm & 6pm - 11pm


From humble beginnings to one of the most popular places in Langkawi!  Faded newspaper clippings tell the story of a tiny home-eatery in Kuah..


Surrounded by a beautiful orchid garden, mother Loh served delicious home cooked meals, freshly prepared from seafood brought by one of her sons who used to be a fisherman The rumor spread fast, so that more and more tables needed to be added, until the family moved their business to Pantai Cenang 12 years ago. Today, Orkid Ria can accommodate 250 guests, and the famous restaurant is bursting full each and every night. But apart from size, not much has changed. The former fisherman hand-picks the best catch of the day, while his brother goes at dawn to the wet market to select the most fresh seafood and

vegetables available. The meanwhile grown-up sons stand behind the stove, preparing favorite Chinese dishes and the legendary fish and seafood delicacies. A major attraction is the huge aquarium with live grouper, sea bass, mangrove crabs and gigantic lobsters to choose from. The seasoning is adjusted accordingly to the personal taste of each diner. While Asian guests are thrilled to find on the menu rare specialties such as sea cucumber, Westerners love the grilled lobster and chili tiger prawns. When asked what makes Orkid Ria so popular, the owners shrug modestly their shoulders, mentioning affordable prices and efficient service. But savoring the delicious flavour of the exotic dishes, I am pretty sure that is just part of the success…



 +6 04 9552225

Opening Hours: noon - midnight


Conveniently located in the very middle of Pantai Cenang, Telaga Arabic Café & Restaurant is famous for its attentive service and delicious Arabic cuisine.


Surrounded by tropical plants, with Arabic music gently playing in the background, the canopied outdoor patio lures with a relaxed atmosphere. The air-conditioned indoors with built-in partitions offer privacy appreciated especially by Arabic guests and couples.With the waiting staff fluent in Arabic, English and Malay, placing an order is a straight-forward, very pleasant experience. The passionate Syrian Chef utilizes only fresh ingredients along with spices imported from the Middle East - making sure you get to enjoy a truly authentic Arabic cuisine. With all meals cooked to order, each recipe can be tailored to fit your preference. So if

you happen to dislike garlic or any other ingredient, you only need to mention it…


Those looking for a quick afternoon snack will be delighted to find Arabic sandwiches filled with tender lamb or chicken kebab, shawarma or shish taouk.


If you come at the dinner time, begin your evening with a mixed appetizer platter with creamy hummus, baba ganouj and mutabel. Or order the delicious stuffed grape leaves or the kibbeh meatballs. When it comes to main course, opt for musaqah made of eggplant and mincemeat or order mixed BBQ. Prepared on charcoal, the flavor is exquisite and best enjoyed with the delicious mandy, biryani or kabseh rice.


Whatever your order, the portions are huuuuge, so a rich dessert is pretty much out of the question. Instead, order a platter with three-ripened, juicy tropical fruits. For a truly Arabic experience, complete your evening with a sweet mint tea or Turkish coffee and enjoy shisha with apple, grape, strawberry or mint flavored tobacco.



+6 018 4080963

+6 011 29635565

Opening Hours:  11am - 1am

Attracting crowds of tourists, Kalut is just what the island was waiting for since the famous Babylon Mat Lounge shut down!


With Balinese umbrellas in sunny yellow, sky-blue, vibrant red and juicy green - an eye-catching sight from far away. And once you come close enough to hear the chill-out tunes and feel the vibe of the place, the decision where to spend the day is made! Regardless of where you were heading in the first placeJ

And why would you look any further when you can laze around in a large colorful beanbag, enjoying the warm sand between your toes, playing a round of beach volleyball or going for a refreshing swim just to return for a delicious snack

accompanied by a cold beer or a freshly squeezed tropical juice. Whether you opt for a light tuna-sandwich, order a chicken sate with peanut sauce to enjoy some local flavors, go for the hearty chicken wings or savor a juicy grilled chicken accompanied by fries and vegies - the short menu is well balanced, offering something for each taste.!



+6 04 953 2101

Opening Hours: 10.30 am - 1am


Conveniently located and open longer than the majority of other restaurants, the Taj Mahal is a popular dining venue especially among Arabic and Indian guests.


The interior has a clean, contemporary feel, featuring white comfortable chairs and mint green table clothes. The walls are decorated with large-size photographs of famous Egyptian landscapes. Arabic guests will be thrilled to learn that there is a separate, air-conditioned room with adjustable partitions that provide absolute privacy.

The extensive menu offers authentic Northern Indian cuisine, Arabic specialties and western favorites. Start your evening with Taj Mahal, a three-layer signature

mocktail made of mango, guava and strawberry juice. For starters, order the lip smacking Mazza Platter and follow with grilled Kebab KishKhash, Lamb Tikka or mixed grilled seafood. If you prefer Indian cuisine, chose Chicken Pakora or Vegetable Samosa. An absolute must is the Dal Makhani, with Tandoori Chicken, Muton Masala and Rara Gosht being other all-time-favorites.


The portions are huge and all dishes are prepared based on traditional recipes with herbs and spices imported from Arabic countries and India, so you can look forward to a truly authentic dining experience.  


Wondering about the perfect way to end your evening? Treat yourself to sweet milk rice or the popular Gulab Jamun. Or enjoy Arabic Tea with mint and shisha with your favorite tobacco flavor.



+6 012-487 8787

Opening Hours: noon - 11.30 pm


Located opposite Underwater World, Maroush may not be the only restaurant in Pantai Cenang that specializes in Indian and Arabic cuisine. But the philosophy of the owner certainly makes it stand out!


Attending business lunches and entertaining clients in different parts of Malaysia during his corporate career, he often felt that one-time customers were not treated with the same attention as repeat guests. While unable to ‘change the world’, he decided that HIS restaurant will be different! And when you listen to his philosophy, it’s hard not to be impressed!

While realizing that exploring a variety of flavors and spending each evening in a different restaurant is for many travelers part of the holiday experience, and that

regardless of how much you enjoy your evening at Maroush, you may never come back, the owner is determined to make your visit a memorable one!

 What may sound like a marketing slogan is very much backed up by actions! The salary of the Chefs fluctuates based on guest feedback! Although you would have to be a gourmet to appreciate the finest culinary nuances, the restaurant goes above and beyond to ensure the highest quality, cooperating even with a Spice Consultant who insists that the flavor of spices will vary if harvested only a couple of days later…



+6 (0)4  955 2010

Opening Hours: noon - midnight

Located opposite Orchid Ria, the recently opened restaurant Yasmin lures with an intimate atmosphere and genuinely caring service. Your meal will be served before you manage to empty a glass of a freshly squeezed mango or pineapple juice. And if you happen to glance towards the open kitchen, you will meet the eager look of a kitchen-maid that turns into a broad smile once you give her the thumbs-up. You can tell it’s a family-run business even before you get to chat to one of the two brothers or their cousin.

With traditional Syrian music gently playing in the background, walls decorated with large photographs of Damascus and Ma’loula, a picturesque village built into a rugged mountainside, and a menu that

celebrates the culinary heritage of Syria, you are in for a truly authentic dining experience. Although the names of the dishes sound similar to those you may find in a Turkish or a Lebanese restaurant, the distinctive blend of spices makes a difference. The culinary mantra of the brothers? To spoil their guests with such a delicious food as the one prepared by their mum and grandma.



+6 04 953 3228

Opening Hours: daily 11am - 11pm


Built on a cliff overlooking the Andaman Sea, the restaurant has the most spectacular location in Pantai Cenang! The panoramic sea view is simply breathtaking, and the natural sound of waves breaking against rocks provides the most beautiful soundtrack you can imagine. If you make dinner reservations around 7 pm, the spectacular sunset is included!


The dining area and the D’ Reef bar are designed in a sleek contemporary style with dark furniture and crisp white table cloths. The sophisticated atmosphere is complemented by an excellent service.

The Cliff specializes in fusion cuisine, serving an exquisite blend of Asian and continental delicacies, artfully presented on designer

dinnerware. Jafery Abdul Razak, a passionate Chef with nearly 20 years of culinary experience in 5* resorts, loves to experiment - always looking for new exciting recipes. Eager to delight his guests, he may even prepare a dish not featured on the menu if you have a special wish!





Dreamlike culinary outlet of Casa del Mar, a boutique resort built in style of a Spanish Hacienda, La Sal is equally popular among in-house guests and outside visitors. Mediterranean-inspired architecture with pillars and alcoves, walls painted in warm terracotta, tables set on a beach with the mesmerizing view of the Andaman Sea… The perfect setting for a romantic dining experience!

Begin your day with a la minute cooked breakfast of your choice and freshly baked bread and croissants. Savor a delicious lunch or a luscious afternoon cocktail underneath a shade-spending canopy of a cozy patio. Or treat yourself to a candle light dinner at the beachside coconut grove - enjoying a gentle evening breeze, the calming sound of the sea and warm sand underneath your feet. Watch the sky turn

gold, orange and crimson as the sun goes down and the fire of torches against the dark sky once the night takes over.


The menu includes exquisite Mediterranean dishes and Asian culinary treats that will entice your palate: Start with a crispy soft shell crab with a Thai basil scented pomelo salad, chili, lime, lemongrass and coriander dressing or with a tuna tartar with fresh goat cheese and black truffle vinaigrette on cucumber. Savor a seared encrusted pink peppered tuna on roasted pumpkin and beetroot salad with crispy leek and nori seaweed with sweet soya chili glaze, or opt for a Malaysian testing platter, sampling a variety of traditional local delicacies. The perfect finale? Home-made ice cream or a chocolate caramel tart with mascarpone. Beautifully presented and served by exceptionally caring staff, a culinary feast at La Sal is an experience fine-tuned to perfection!


Planning to propose to your loved-one, or to celebrate birthday or anniversary? Enquire about La Luna dining experience to enjoy a scrumptious degustation menu with premium wines, served in a secluded romantic beach setting.



Tel:  +6 04 9552225

Opening Hours: noon - midnight


Longing to escape the hustle and bustle of Pantai Cenang and yet in no mood to take a cab and head towards the quiet parts of the island? The Telaga Seafood Restaurant is just what you are looking for!


While situated in the middle of Pantai Cenang, the restaurant is shielded by lush foliage and stretches far into the back - luring with a peaceful tropical atmosphere. Large round tables that seat up to 10 guests are perfect for a get-together with family and friends. Cozy Salas surrounded by fragrant frangipani trees provide an intimate atmosphere for a romantic dinner with your loved-one.

The extensive menu includes traditional local dishes as well as western favorites such as grilled sirloin steak or lamb chops with rosemary. However, the main appeal of

the restaurant are the delicious seafood specialties!


Begin your dining experience with teppanyaki grilled seafood or with a spicy tom yam with prawns. When it comes to main course, pick a fish from the on-site aquarium or order a sea bass, snapper or grouper delivered daily by local fishermen after their morning catch. Whether steamed with ginger and garlic, prepared in Malay sambal style or grilled over charcoal, the taste is delicious! Especially when complemented with kailan in oyster sauce, mixed vegetable or kangkong belacan.


Would you like to truly indulge? Order a mixed seafood platter! Beautifully presented, with the rim of the large plate decorated with fine slices of orange and tomato, the fried lobster with cream cheese, golden spicy tiger prawns and dried chili squid accompanied by mixed vegetable are out of this world!


It’s impossible to get a real taste of Langkawi unless you sample the local seafood delicacies! If your idea of the perfect evening out includes a dreamy tropical ambiance and an excellent attentive service - booking a table at the Telaga Seafood Restaurant is a must!



Tel:   +6 012 - 4755662

Opening Hours: 2pm - 11pm


Recently opened, the seafood restaurant lures with a winning formula - offering delicious food at more than affordable prices!


Specializing in live seafood, the restaurant boasts large aquariums that teem with red snappers, prawns and giant crabs, so you get to personally pick your favorite.


Red lanterns above the entrance are the perfect cue when it comes to the rest of the dining experience.

Designed to accommodate up to 10 people, the large round tables are just perfect for a merry get-together with friends. And with ‘Lazy Susan’, a circular rotating platform

placed in the center, sharing and sampling the various flavors of the Chinese cuisine couldn't be more convenient.


If you like to start with a soup, you will find on the menu Tom Yam, Fish Ball Vermicelli as well as a Shark Fin Soup. When it comes to mains, go for the home-made Wine Tiger Grouper, try a Garlic Steamed Lobster, Salted Egg Crab, or savor the Butter Tiger Prawns. Best accompanied by fried rice, Dried Shrimp Cabbage or Sambal Kangkong!


Not a seafood fan? How about a Pineapple Duck, home-made Braised Beancurd or the signature Three Cup Chicken prepared in a clay pot with plenty of garlic, spicy chili and a secret blend of Chinese herbs.


Eager to see each diner leave with a wide smile across his face, the owner gave some thought to choosing the right name for his restaurant. Give it a try and see whether the delicious food puts you into a 'Happy Happy Cenang' mood!



+6 013-5918470

OpeningHours:  Sa - Thur: 1 pm - late

                            Friday: 6pm - late


Having established a reputation of a ‘must-visit dining outlet’, the charming 'crêperie' brings to Langkawi a little taste of Paris.


Nearly as iconic as the Eiffel Tower, the thin pancakes are celebrated throughout France with their very own  'National Crêpe Day'! A sentiment you will understand the moment you taste Soumia's and Vincent's heavenly creations!


Passionate about serving crêpes just as delicious as those sold in Brittany, the place of their origin, the French couple attended a traditional Crêpe School and although it's a little costly to get the ingredients the original recipe calls for, they wouldn't have it any other way!

Made of finest wheat flour or organic buckwheat for savory crêpes, the semi-liquid butter with a few secret ingredients is poured on a heated circular 'bilig' and evenly spread with a  wooden 'rozell' to make the pancakes as thin as possible. It's quite an art to get it right and with an open-concept cooking station a great fun to watch!

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