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Bird's eye perspective



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The only certified and fully insured provider of parasailing adventures in Langkawi, Naam Sports is the first choice when it comes to high-octane fun in the air! Starting and landing from Sea Osprey, a state-of-the-art parasailing vessel, you don’t have to worry about getting wet or finding yourself in a tree at the end of your adventure. Perfectly designed, it is suitable even for kids above 5 years old and disabled guests!


The parasails are custom made with a variety of safety features that ensure a smooth sailing even in a turbulent wind. With safety being a major focus, the crew is well trained, the life vests and harnesses come in various sizes for a perfect fit, and the

passenger bar is adjusted accordingly to your weight so you can safely fly side by side. Floating 500 feet above the Langkawi Archipelago, the view from a bird’s perspective is simply breathtaking!!! Struggling to decide whether you would like to enjoy the spectacular sight of limestone cliffs at Tanjung Rhu, admire a myriad of tiny islands offshore Kuah, or watch the holiday fun at Cenang beach? If your vacation is long enough, treat yourself to a parasailing adventure at all of the mentioned locations. The best part? One parasail can carry up to three people!!! So you can enjoy a romantic trip with your loved one or have fun with your entire family!




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Looking for a truly unique way to experience our magical island? Helioutpost Langkawi offers a variety of helicopter trips, allowing you to enjoy the beauty of Langkawi Archipelago from the bird’s eye perspective.  

All tours utilize the Robinson R44 helicopter - considered one of the safest worldwide.  Pilots are licensed and specifically trained to operate Robinson Helicopters. Safety procedures are strictly followed at all times.

Guests looking for a short thrill will enjoy a 5 min joyride above Cenang Beach. However, the truly memorable experience comes with an exploration trip that takes you to the

most beautiful spots on the island. Equipped with panoramic windows, the helicopter is specifically designed for sightseeing, providing you with the most spectacular views and the opportunity to capture them with your camera.

Among the most popular tours is Dayang Bunting Heliexperience. Flying 500 feet above the Langkawi Archipelago, the view of the emerald green Andaman Sea sprinkled with tiny islands is simply spectacular, and the beauty of the myth-enshrouded ‘Pregnant Maiden Lake’ will take your breath away. Another highlight is the Kilim River Helicruise. Flying above Gunung Raya, the highest peak on the island, you get to see the complete Langkawi Archipelago at once, and looking at the Kilim River from high up, the mangroves reveal to you the labyrinth of secret waterways. Able to accommodate up to three passengers, helicopter sightseeing is an experience for the entire family. One you will remember for years to come!




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Eager to experience the beauty of Langkawi from the bird’s eye perspective? A powered paraglider provides an amazing opportunity to not only glide above the emerald green Andaman Sea as with a parasail pulled behind a boat, but propelled - you can also soar above land, taking in the idyllic scenery of sleepy kampongs and idyllic paddy fields with grazing buffalos.


Comfortably seated, with a certified pilot behind you steering the airborne vehicle, you can simply enjoy the breathtaking scenery or take aerial photographs which are sure to make it among your top 10 holiday shots. Looking for some adrenaline-kick? Learn how to navigate the paramotor and take over from the pilot while in the air!

Operating for more than 10 years all over Malaysia, safety is a top priority for the provider. The paragliders are regularly maintained, all pilots certified and each passenger provided with a thorough briefing prior to taking off.


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