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Jungle & Mangroves



+6 019 225 2300

Founded by Irshad Mobarak, a passionate Naturalist and book author, who appeared in an array of documentaries on National Geographic and Discovery Channel, JungleWalla Tours will bring you to hidden places, away from the typical tourist trails.

With each guide having a special area of expertise from birds, through mangroves to medicinal jungle plants, you will enjoy extremely interesting and educational trips. With the truly extensive range of tours available, you will have no difficulty to find the one that fits your interest and fitness level. Junglewalla provides a variety of specialized experiences such as birding and wildlife photography tours not available anywhere else. Children enjoy preferential rates and available is also a special trekking 

for families. To minimize the impact on environment and wildlife, and to ensure a personalized guest experience, the number of participants per tour is limited and early bookings recommended.



+60 (0)19 4949193


Passionate about nature, and committed to protecting the environment, Dev’s Adventure Tours specialize in half-day and full day eco-friendly trips, presenting you with the opportunity to truly explore the breathtaking nature of Langkawi. The group sizes are limited to ensure a great quality of service and highest safety standards. All guides are fully licensed, have excellent English skills, and thorough knowledge of the bountiful flora and fauna of Langkawi. Whatever activity you may be interested in, Dev’s Adventure Tours offer a wide variety of exciting programs from boat trips in the mangroves, through jungle trek and nature cycling to bird watching. Among the absolute highlights are the Geopark Mangrove kayak trip and a program called ‘

Untold Stories’ - a six hours field trip that will take you to traditional Malay villages, various temples, rubber plantation and the local night market, opening the door to Malaysian culture, legends and culinary art.



+6 012 431 8149 (Zaidi)

+6 019 399 3379 (Iqram)


Recently founded, Nadi Eco Adventure offers a variety of truly original nature activities: a jungle trek combined with a cable car ride, authentic fishing experience, and jungle rides with REVO pocket bikes and quads that are built to handle even the most challenging terrain.


Designed to showcase unique locations, the majority of activities will bring you to places off the beaten track.

Passionate about the unique geology, flora and fauna of Langkawi, the guides are eager to share their knowledge. Capitalizing

on extensive work experience in 5* resorts, they speak not only excellent English but are accustomed to providing a personalized experience reflective of your individual needs.


With health & safety being a priority, every trek begins with a short stretching session, your guide carries a first-aid kit and is connected via walkie-talkie with the base support at all times. Apart from the leisurely fishing trip, all adventures are offered in basic, advanced and extreme versions to accommodate varying levels of physical condition.



+60 19 280 5679    Langkawi


With the Skytrex Adventure Park in Kuala Lumpur gaining over the last 8 years close to a million fans from all over the world, the successful company ventures into new markets. While the construction of a new adventure park in Malacca just started, the Skytrex Langkawi is on its way to become the island's highlight for adrenaline junkies!

Designed by a French engineer who has been based in Malaysia for more than a decade, Skytrex Langkawi is situated in the heart of a ten million years old rainforest at the foothill of Gunung Mat Cincang - a mountain range older than the Himalayas!


Boasting three circuits with varying difficulty levels, the adventure park's 'Little Legend' is suitable for children, the 'Eagle Thrill' is the 

perfect fit for those in an average physical shape, while the 'Island Extreme' with 33 exhilarating challenges and ropes elevated as high as 20 meters above the ground will thrill the hardcore adventurer. Conquer your fear and push your limits while climbing, crawling swinging and gliding on the various aerial obstacles suspended above the rainforest canopy. The ultimate kick for all with a daring spirit!

Able to accommodate up to 45 participants every 90 minutes, Skytrex Langkawi is also an excellent choice for groups. With a conference room and a café to be soon completed - the perfect venue for TEAM BUILDING PACKAGES facilitated by the renowned 'Woodseer Team Building'! 


With safety being a priority number one, the circuits are regularly maintained and nine certified instructors make sure all participants undergo a safety briefing and demonstrate a clear understanding of the safety system in place prior to embarking on any Skytrex activity. Located just a stone's throw away from the Cable Car - Skytrex is a must-try adventure once you are heading to the west corner of the island.




+60 4 9554744

+60 12 4668027


Looking for the ultimate adrenaline kick? Take a leap of faith and zip across the canopy of a ten million years old rainforest - passing at exhilarating speed strangling figs, and spotting Dusky Leaf Monkeys and Great Hornbills as you glide between the jungle tree tops.

Established more than 10 years ago by a German nature enthusiast, Jürgen Zimmerer, and managed by his son, Ashraff, the Langkawi Canopy Adventures offer an exciting way to experience the jungle while assuring the highest safety standards with an excellent construction, top-notch gear, thorough instructions and hands-on training in abseiling. All you need is a fairly good physical condition and a daring spirit!

The adventure starts at the bottom of Gunung Raya, the island’s highest mountain. After a short hike through a nature park with a bubbling stream, you get to climb 716 stairs leading into the jungle. Equipped with rock climbing, rappelling and zip-lining gear and harness, helmet and gloves in your size, you will climb trees, balance your way across a deep jungle gorge, plummet down rugged limestone rocks and zip-line through the air from 30 meter tall treetops all the way down to the jungle floor. An out-of-this world experience!

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