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Opening Hours 5.00 pm - 12.00 am


Located at the foot of  the mountain Gunung Raya and spreading over 15.8 acres of a 10 million years rainforest, the Dream Forest is Malaysia's first multi-sensory night attraction. 

A state-of-the-art lighting, projection mapping, and hypnotic soundscapes 

transform the primordial woods into a fairytale landscape, bringing to life Langkawi's myths and legends.


Greeted by Sang Gedembai, the Guardian of the Dream Forest, and three adorable helicopter seeds named Eli, Coco, and Terra, the visitors follow a leisurely 1.2 km long path, delving into the legends of Tasik Dayang Bunting, Merong Mahawangsa, and the Giants of Langkawi..

While the immersive magical experience was mainly designed to inspire children to learn about Langkawi's folklore, the accompanying parents are sure to be just as enchanted as their offspring.



+60 (4 ) 955 6100

Opening Hours 10.00 am - 6.00 pm 

 9.30 am - 6.30 pm public & school holiday


One of the largest marine and fresh water aquaria in South East Asia, the Underwater World Langkawi features on 34,701 square feet over 4000 animals and aquatic life forms! Divided in themed areas, there is a ‘Tropical Rainforest’ section with reptiles, natural river eco-system with sweet water fishes, and jungle path with tiny marmoset monkeys and exotic birds freely walking and flying around.The ‘Temperate World’ is home to Southern Fur Seals and Blackfooted Penguins. One of the main attractions is the ‘Sub-Antarctic’ area with the Rockhopper Penguins. Measuring only 18-23 inches, the tiny creatures with their adorable yellow

‘eyebrows’ like to jump from boulder to boulder, making sure they live up to their name.  The ‘Freshwater Section’ features exotic turtles and the bizarre Stingray that resembles a floating hat with a wide brim. The highlight of the ‘Marine Life’ section is the 15 meter long tunnel with Giant Grouper, Sharks and Giant Rays swimming not only around you but also above your heads. Make sure you look up! A mesmerizing colorful underwater garden, the ‘Coral Section’ is home to Giant Clams, Damsels and Wrasses. The Koi Pond is set in an open-air tropical garden with jungle trees, dense green foliage, and a cascading waterfall!

Beautifully designed, the Underwater World Langkawi created an environment that truly resembles the original habitat of its adorable residents, providing you with the unique opportunity to observe close-up the natural behavior of the animals: You may spot a crab eating a piece of catfish,  Spiny Tailed Lizard climbing up a rock, and sharks chasing one another. And if you pay attention to the varying colors of the Blackfooted Penguins, you will notice that there are about 20 chicks - born at the premises only a few months ago! Providing throughout the facility information boards, you can learn a lot about the animals, their natural territory and behavior, gaining new appreciation for the delicate balance of the underwater world, and the need to preserve the beautiful aquatic environment. If you are looking for a fun family time, watch out for regular feeding times or purchase at the ticket counter fish food to feed the Japanese Carps in the Koi Pond.




+60 (4)  959 4753


Managed by Muhammad Hamzah and his family, the four-acre complex of Perdana Stables with exercise circuit and riding paddocks is a wonderful home to more than 40 horses. A team of passionate and dedicated horseman and horsewomen makes sure that the stables are clean and in a perfect condition, and the beautiful animals lovingly cared for.


There is a number of high-caliber purebred Arabians that regularly participate in international endurance competitions. The majority of horses are Criollos from Argentina - a breed known for its kind and quiet nature, and thus the perfect companion for holiday riders! While in Langkawi, the Perdana Stables have to be on your itinerary! Your kids will love to

watch the adorable foals, and enjoy a fun-ride on a rope. Even if you are an absolute beginner, with one-to-one attention of a practiced horseman, you can experience a romantic beach and jungle ride. Advanced troopers may want to explore in the saddle the traditional Malay kampungs and the surrounding countryside, while experienced riders comfortable with all-day trekking can set out on true horseback riding adventure through the virgin rainforest at Gunung Mtchinchang. The challenging jungle trail has been rated as one of the best treks in the world!  

Safety is a prime consideration. All guests participate in an assessment of riding ability and are provided with a helmet. Ride on a lead-rope is an excellent alternative for children and inexperienced riders. Groups of advanced troopers are limited to 10 participants; with the trail-leader alternating the pace from walk, to trot and controlled canter.




+60 (4 ) 966 1855

 +60 107789619


Beautifully landscaped, the Wildlife Park consists of an outdoor area and two indoor sections. Most spectacular is the canopied ‘Aviary’ with lush green bushes, wild orchids, tall jungle trees, and waterfalls.


Resembling a tropical paradise, the ‘Aviary’ is home to countless bird species that fly around or swim in a pond just as if they were in free nature.  Also, the concept of the Wildlife Park is truly unique - encouraging visitors to actively interact with animals. Passionate about educating guests, there is a wildlife guide in each section. Should you prefer to explore the park on your own, signage in English language will not only tell you what you need to know about each animal but also provide instructions

regarding its diet. So if you purchased a few tiny paper bags filled with various types of animal food, you can feed the adorable mouse-deer with a piece of an apple, feel the pecker of a Macaw as he gently takes a peanut from you, or have countless colorful budgerigars assemble on your palm to enjoy a  feast of nutritious seeds.  Throughout the entire complex are posters with animal anatomy charts, and questions that will get you thinking: ‘Which bird can turn his head by 270 degrees?’ ‘How often does a Python eat?’ ‘Which animal has eyes larger than a brain?’ Not sure about the answers? Find out during the regular ‘Animal Talk Show’! With the Wildlife Park being home to more than 80 birds, reptiles and mammals, while featuring also a crystal gallery, and various shopping outlets, you can easily spend in this wonderful place the entire afternoon. Should get hungry - the Brahminy Kite Café at the entrance serves snacks and full meals.




+6 012 - 470 0082

+6 012 - 508 5838

Located next to the Thai temple Wat Koh Wanararm on the outskirts of Kuah, Langkawi Orchid Farm is the largest in north Malaysia - showcasing more than 1,000 species.

Exploring the three acres farm, you will discover the delightful Dendrobiums, often used to decorate dining tables, and come across the ‘Dancing Lady’ - an Oncidium hybrid sought-after by collectors for its resemblance with a ballerina with a yellow skirt.

The farm showcases also some very rare species: Reaching up to 2.5 meters when fully grown, the Tiger Orchid is the world’s largest. The giant clusters of yellow-colored flowers with maroon spots come into bloom only every two to four years. But once they flower, the sight is mesmerizing! Native to the

mangroves of Papua New Guinea, the Antelope Orchid will catch your attention with their upright twisted petals that resemble horns. And if you look closely, you can admire the beauty of the world’s smallest orchid whose delicate flower is only 2 mm wide from petal tip to petal tip.

Provided, the passionate farm’s owner, Daniel, is present, you may get lucky and enjoy a guided tour. But even if you walk around on your own, the delicate shapes, fascinating colors and the divine scent of the orchids are sure to make your stroll a memorable one. Especially if you come in the late afternoon and enjoy afterward a soft drink, a cold beer, tea or coffee in the farm’s newly built air-conditioned café while waiting for the spectacular sunset.

There is a special overnight package for school children. Staying in tents on the premises of the Langkawi Orchid Farm, the kids will love the nature-camp experience, while learning not only about orchids but also about natural farming, rainwater collection, compost making and the breeding of fish that inhabit a small pond on the farm’s grounds. You also have the opportunity to utilize the Orchid Farm’s café as a venue for private or corporate functions. For rates, kindly contact the owner.



+6 04 959 3992

+6  012  204 6554


Looking for a way to experience within short period of time as many things as possible, preferably without breaking the bank?


Langkawi Duck Tours provide fun trips with an amphibious vehicle capable of driving on land as well as in the sea - so you get to enjoy in 45 minutes a sightseeing tour AND a ‘boat’ trip.


The route leads through a jungle where you can spot families of monkeys, along wetlands with hordes of grazing buffalos up to the picturesque Perdana Quay with a myriad of cafes and restaurants with Mediterranean flair. 

When the versatile vehicle leaves the road and lands with a splash in the emerald

green sea, your kids are sure to squeak with delight! But the trip has an entertainment value even for adults. Just imagine the incredulous glances you get as you pass with a ‘BUS' fancy boats and luxury yachtsJ


As you circle around tiny man-made islands, the coastline offers enchanting vistas of the Telaga Harbour, a local fisherman village and the Mat Chincang mountain with a Cable Car on top. While the majority of passengers will savor the views and excitedly capture with their camera eagles that circle above their heads and on a lucky occasion even jumping dolphins, the highlight for Chinese guests is the rare energy spot next to the lighthouse where earth, air and water element unite to create a unique vibration. According to Feng Shui - whatever you wish for when passing this special place will turn into reality…


The interesting vehicle with hydraulic engine is made of aluminum. Extremely light, it floats with ease on the water surface, ensuring absolutely safety. For those who tend to worry - rest assured that each passenger wears during the trip an inflatable life jacket.

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